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Mapping goals at various life stages

How To Set Achievable Financial Goals  

So you wish to buy a sports car, build your dream house, and squeeze your way out of that Education Loan. Got a game plan? No? Here’s how setting financial goals can literally help you achieve all of that and much more!  

How To Resolve Financial Dilemmas At Various Life Stages

Life throws up various responsibilities at different times during our lives. Managing finances is a constant effort for many of us. Let us attempt to chalk out a few common financial dilemmas that you will face at some stage in life. We’ll tell you how to sail through these trying times.

Financial Goals To Hit Before The Big Three-Oh!

Turning 30 is an important milestone in everyone’s lives. One way to be ready to meet this milestone is to ensure that you face no trouble financially. There are certain financial goals that you need to pursue much before you blow out the candles on that cake. Here are some financial goals that every individual should accomplish before they turn 30.

Get A Kick Without Blowing Your First Salary: Here’s How

“I am thinking of starting an EMI with my first salary for an upcoming apartment. So that, 5 years hence, I will have my own house,” remarked Bhola to his neighbor Mr. Kent, who is a financial advisor. “But, you already have a home, Bhola. What will you do with the new one?” asked Kent.… Read More »

6 Essential Financial Planning Goals That Can’t Run Out Of Gas

Plans without goals are like driving without a steering wheel – you can’t be accused of doing nothing but you have no way of knowing whether you’ll still be in one piece when you stop driving, let alone know whether you’ll reach your destination. So, quick! Here are 6 essential goals you need to lock… Read More »

5 Financial Planning Myths Busted

Sunny Leone was once a practicing nun. There! We just did what gets done all the time – create a myth. The financial planning world is full of such myths (not about Sunny Leone, but hey, we like the way you think!) Here are five such myths. We can’t tell you who created them. So… Read More »

Why People Fail In Financial Planning Despite Having Goals

Here is the quaint tale of Singham, who thought he had done his bit for his personal financial planning when he identified his investment goals. Only, he made his investment choices rather randomly. And, here’s how he ended up. And, here’s what he’d have ended up with if he had matched his investment choices with… Read More »