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What can anger a working woman?

Women save a larger share of their earnings, but they will likely still be worse off when they retire because they earn less and spend more. This was a telling insight reported by ADP, a US-based research institute. If this is the case with one of the most developed nations worldwide, can it be very… Read More »

Paisa Wise, Rupee Foolish

My neighbour AtiBhudiram doesn’t shy away from going to city outskirts for bargain shopping. He doesn’t mind spending money on petrol to save few rupees. His wife proudly displays the clothes he has bought at such bargain prices to my wife to showcase “Neighbour’s Envy Owner’s Pride”! Atibhudiram also bought a luxury car last month… Read More »

Letter to the finance minister from a salaried employee!

Dear Shri. Arun Jaitley Hope my letter would find you in the best of health and spirit. I had read in the newspapers a few months ago that you had undergone bariatric surgery for weight loss. Sorry for my negligence but a common salaried man like me has no chance to undergo such a surgery.… Read More »

Inflation, budget 2015 and the homemaker!

Many people tend to overlook the position of homemakers in the Union Budget. After all, why does she need to worry? Ask your mother or wife and they will tell you how wrong you are. Now when all of us are anticipating what’s in the coming Union Budget for us, homemakers have their fingers crossed… Read More »

Top 6 reasons for shopping online!

With the popularity of internet and smartphones grown to aggressive heights, consumers also have become efficiently tech savvy. From shopping of clothes to buying electrical appliances, everything has become so easy with online shopping portals. Gone are the days when you needed to browse store to store to hunt down a pair of shoes; now… Read More »

Tips to save – Attention brand addicts!

A good friend of mine is a brandholic. He never thinks of anything other than a Puma or Nike shoes, a UCB, Rayban…the list goes as he says quality matters more. He might be right, but with the whopping prices of ‘branded items’, a substantial chunk of your income goes into it. With the fashion… Read More »

Shopping? 5 ways to avoid bank charges!

When the term ‘bank charges’ comes to mind, an awful image of dwindling money bundles appears with it. Thanks to the new banking regulations, there is a hike in everything; account maintenance fee, excess withdrawal charges as well as minimum balance penalties. The result? Increase in monthly expenses, daily budget quota and decrease in the… Read More »

5 tips on saving electricity bills!

Electricity prices are rising almost every year adding to the pressure on the pocket for an average household. With inflation running around the prices of even essential commodities including food, vegetables and oil prices have made it difficult to operate a house in a pre specified budget.  While the government on its part is trying… Read More »

Fuel price hike to ignite retail inflation?

The government of India made two important energy related decisions as they finally mustered enough courage to bite the bullet on delinking diesel prices. In the second significant decision, the government has decided to increase the price for natural gas which is likely to impact the retail inflation in the coming weeks. Inflation has been… Read More »