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Top 5 Tax Saving Investment Plans

  When Frank Sinatra sang ‘Fly me to the moon…’ he probably wasn’t thinking that we humans would actually make living on the moon possible. Although that plan is for a couple of years away, you could always start saving up to make it to the moon. Tax saving investment plans could just be the… Read More »

How to Juggle Investments Across Cities: A Case Study in Financial Planning

Ever noticed the gleam in the eyes of jugglers who perform at circuses or talent shows, juggling hoops, flaming torches and knives with aplomb? Well, Krishna Prasad was one such juggler. Only, he juggled investments. Smart investment decisions require you to have patience and an eye for details – not unlike those circus performers. Such investors… Read More »

How India is Giving Rise to Financial Entrepreneurs: A True Saga

The Great Indian Rope Trick. A cute yet annoying thing we’ve had to hear whenever anyone from across the pond spoke about India in the same breath as “things back home”. You’d think they were talking about the 1900s. Yet, here we are in 2015, doing exactly that. The Great Indian Rope Trick. Only, we’re… Read More »

Sukanya Samridhhi versus MFs: A No-holds-barred Face-off

Suhasini, a mother of a 5-year-old girl, is in a dilemma. Ever since the government has announced the launch of a scheme for girl child—Sukanya Samriddhi, her relatives are after her life to get an account opened. The buzz around the scheme has already created a lot of excitement, and Suhasini is being virtually ‘poked’… Read More »

Budget-wary investors make a short call on the FM

There is an old saying that if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. While it may still take some time for beggars to ride, there is no dearth of wishes by the Indian taxpayer today for a plethora of reforms to make their way out of Arun Jaitley’s Budget briefcase this year. Like other retail… Read More »

How to invest in multiple funds?!

FoF is a mutual fund that invests in other mutual funds belonging to the same fund house or belonging to other fund houses. Basically, it is a collection of different mutual funds. These funds can be either debt or equity depending on the objective of the FoF. The FoF in India is Franklin India Dynamic… Read More »

Insurance, banking services offer attractive opportunities

According to a recent press report the India’s market capitalization record is rising in the international level. Reports said that the market capitalization is positively affected by the Indian equities in the global market and in the financial sector the opportunities are expanding. Reports said that the capitalization was growing $ 46.5 trillion increasing amount… Read More »

Some basic facts about investing in mutual funds

High on risk and high on return are Equity funds. Also known as Growth Schemes, the aim of these schemes is to provide capital appreciation over medium to long term. These schemes normally invest a major part of their fund in equities and are willing to bear short-term decline in value for possible future appreciation.