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How to put the ‘i’ back into retirement planning

Oh, that blissful yet nerve-wracking word – Retirement! A picture of serene, idle days with as much time on your hands as you have always dreamt of; but also that scary thought of having as little regular income as we do not even wish to imagine! Are you constantly baffled figuring out whether retirement is… Read More »

Are Indians blowing their money away?

For young Indians, it is all about money, honey! Unlike their fathers and grandfathers who had scores of hungry mouths to feed, the Young Turk of today has fewer responsibilities and can barely look beyond their own mouth. Earning wads of money, he is literally rolling in cash. However, are Indians today making the best… Read More »

When is the best time to take a life insurance policy?

Most youngsters ignore life insurance mainly because of they feel, it’s not required for them. They take life insurance simply for the sake of tax deductions, and often feel neglect its benefits thinking it’s not for them. It’s quite natural for them to feel so, especially if they are away from familial responsibilities. But remember,… Read More »

Money- Getting into Good Financial Habits

Managing your finances are equally important as earning money is. Let us see how we can make the most of out of our existing funds by following these best financial habits: Save less but save regularly: There is famous proverb “Many a little makes a mickle” means many small amounts accumulate to make a large… Read More »

6 tips to survive a layoff!

What is Layoff? Layoff and downsizing can be used interchangeably. It refers to the termination of an employee due to business reasons such as cutting costs and increasing profits, optimum utilization of resources etc. Layoffs are very common especially during economic turbulence or a recession. When a business slowdown occurs and the company goes through… Read More »

Invest early in your career!

Investing for your retirement may not be the most important thing on your mind when you start your career. For most people, investing may not even be on the priority list when they start their career. When you start your career, your saving capacity may not be much in absolute terms, as your salary itself… Read More »