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Tax Benefits Of Health Insurance

Most of us take our health casually till a close encounter with an illness gets us serious about it. Likewise, despite numerous reminders, we also tend to make light of costs associated with health keeping. But, if your are careful and plan ahead with a Health Insurance Plan, it will do you a whole lot of good, physically and financially.

Financial Goals To Hit Before The Big Three-Oh!

Turning 30 is an important milestone in everyone’s lives. One way to be ready to meet this milestone is to ensure that you face no trouble financially. There are certain financial goals that you need to pursue much before you blow out the candles on that cake. Here are some financial goals that every individual should accomplish before they turn 30.

Gold Bonds or ETFs? Take Your Pick!

There is a view that sovereign gold bonds will adversely affect the growth trajectory of gold exchange-traded funds (open-ended funds traded on stock exchanges) in India. While it is premature to arrive at such a conclusion, the fears are not entirely unfounded, according to some analysts. Before any opinions are formed, however, it would do well to understand the significant differences between bonds and ETFs.

TDS Refund – As Easy as Pie

Making investments offers two compelling benefits. It financially secures your future and helps lower tax liability. If you are a salaried employee, your employer would have asked you to submit investments proofs around December-January. In case you did not submit proofs then, extra tax will be deducted from your salary before the end of the financial year on March 31st. But don’t worry, here’s what you can do.

Home Loans =Tax Benefits

Buying a house with Home Loan financing is common practice these days. Not only does it provide you with funds to buy your house, it also helps you saves on your Income Tax. If you are planning to apply for a Home Loan to buy a new house, here’s some information on the tax benefits you are eligible for.

Nifty Tax Savings from Investing in Property

If you’ve been planning a vacation, you’ve been looking at a lot of different travel packages. And every different type of package give you different amounts of add ons. Similarly, investing in property gives you different tax add ons based on your situation. Here’s Anuj, just another Indian who thinks real estate is one of… Read More »