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Understanding second mortgage loans!

Second mortgage loans or second mortgage financing, as the name suggests, means providing a loan against the security of a property which has already been mortgaged elsewhere. This means that the same property is being used for a second time to secure a new loan. For example, Mr. X wishes to purchase a property for… Read More »

RBI eases lending norms – Good news for home buyers!

In just a few days following the budget RBI has paved the path for increasing the liquidity for banks, enabling the possibility of a lot of positive steps in the real estate sector. Impact on home buyers RBI notified to consider the home loan up to Rs 50 Lac (i.e. a property value up to… Read More »

How to calculate your loan eligibility!

Calculating the amount your bank will give to you as personal loan or home loan isn’t as tough as it seems. It is actually that simple that you can calculate it sitting within the comfort of your four walls. The amount of loan that your bank will agree to offer you depends on your monthly… Read More »

What to remember when you shop for credit cards!

There’s no doubt that credit cards are very convenient to carry and transact with, especially when one is on holiday and it is unsafe to carry a lot of cash or when one is shopping for expensive products. Often, individuals are offered credit cards with great schemes directly by the bank. However, when we set… Read More »

Comparing personal and credit card loans!

  “Congratulations! You are eligible for a personal loans of Rs. 1,00,000/-!” Many of us are receiving this luring SMS alert from banks quite often. No wonder, the moment you face any urgent financial requirements like your children’s higher education, marriage or down payment for a new property, this option comes to your mind. It’s… Read More »

How EMI break ups are done in personal loans?!

While it is not very difficult now to take a personal loan, it is not so simple to pay back the loan. This is because personal loans are unsecured loans, and come with high interest rates. As a result, the Equated Monthly Instalment factor (or the EMI) can be a drain on your salary, depending… Read More »

Allahabad Bank has handed over Rs 166 crore dividend to Centre

A recent press report said that Allahabad Bank has issued a cheque for about Rs 166 crore to the Finance Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee. The cheque was handed over by the bank’s Chairman and Managing Director, Mr J. P. Dua, and Executive Director, Mr. D. Sarkar. The Central Government holds 58 per cent stake in… Read More »

Select your loan tenure wisely!

For the beginners, a tenure is a period within which a loan amount is to be sanctioned. For the new loaners or even the existing ones, it is a general thought that, when a loan is taken in case of emergencies, then it is better to opt for that loan tenure which provides you with… Read More »

What is an Interest Rate?

When you borrow money from a close friend, the only thing you have to repay is that amount you borrowed (this is called the principle amount), especially when it is a small amount. Instead you are borrowing from a financial institution, or a bank, and then you will have to repay the original amount plus… Read More »