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Must Have Saving Schemes for Savers Great and Small

We all have that one friend that is great at planning everyone’s birthday, including their own, and that one other friend who shows up late to every birthday, even their own. We all differ just as much when it comes to our finances. While some manage their budget well and pay off their loans diligently,… Read More »

India’s Money Management Skills if it Were a Person

If India were a person, its diversity would be confusing indeed. But India has a very specific identity and its habits and behavior can easily be likened to a person. This pertains to its financial behavior as well. India has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the recent past, in terms of… Read More »

How to Draw the ‘T’

 As kids, we’ve often ‘stolen’ change from our parents and pooled in the coins to share an ice-cream with our friends. There was always that one friend, to your awe and annoyance, who seemed to be able to keep track of exactly how much you owed him from months ago. Of course, as adults finances… Read More »

Common Money Management Pitfalls Indians Find Themselves In

The owners of IPL teams need to make all the right decisions and buy all the right players to win the league. Of course, the IPL has given the fans a couple of surprises, but things don’t always work out that way. Managing your finances properly is just as important, if not more, as making… Read More »

5 Yoga Poses That Don’t Help With Money Management

Baba Ramdev and yoga can teach you how to be a healthier you, we all know that. But these poses may not necessarily make your finances healthier. Confused? Here’s how: Find out more from 5 roadblocks in money management   YOU MAY ALSO WANT TO: Plan your budget in all the right ways – Compound Interest Calculator… Read More »

How to calculate your loan eligibility!

Calculating the amount your bank will give to you as personal loan or home loan isn’t as tough as it seems. It is actually that simple that you can calculate it sitting within the comfort of your four walls. The amount of loan that your bank will agree to offer you depends on your monthly… Read More »

Does it benefit to prepay home loan?

Neeraj, a middle class sales and marketing professional based in Pune, purchased a decent abode in a metropolitan by securing a home loan worth Rs. 24 Lakhs from a leading financier. Divided into easy monthly installments, Neeraj was reducing his liability quite comfortably. Being able to increase his bank balance to Rs.8 Lakh, Neeraj found… Read More »

Home loan default – How to handle one?

For Amit, owning a house was one of the fundamental necessities of life. For making his dream come true, he decided to go for a reliable home loan being offered by a popular bank in India. Due to the persistent hard work that Amit had put in, he was finally able to get a home… Read More »