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Essentials before you take a home loan!

Rohit had always dreamt of having a lavish home where he could live with his large family. He believed that his dream was a far fetched one until he came across the option of home loans. By taking a suitable home loan, he was not only able to buy his dream house but he also… Read More »

Get smart with household budget!

The supermarket may contain everything under one roof, but if you spend a little time comparing prices, you will find that local shops carry items of the same, or better quality, and at better prices. You’re also assured of freshness if you go to the market.

Understand your credit profile!

When you apply for a loan, banks judge your ability to repay the loan on numerous counts including your age, income, job stability and your credit report, which is a reflection of your true credit worth. You need to understand why this is the case so that you prepare yourself to submit a good application… Read More »

Credit – Benefits vs. Cost ?!

Polonius, a character in Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” advises his son, “Neither a lender nor a borrower be”. With due respect to Polonius and his genius, credit has become a part and parcel of our life. While most of us cannot be lenders, we are bound to be borrowers because of the system we live with.

Start on a savings plan!

In this era of recession, deflation, and job cuts, it is especially important for you to consider where your hard-earned money is going; financial security is the key in today’s unpredictable world. And the first step towards gaining that security is to have a saving plan.

Hindustan Co‐operative Bank Limited –BUDGET

HCBL-Budget is a unique loan scheme for advance against Fixed or Term Deposit Receipts Purpose                      – To meet out personal or business need both in form of term loan or overdraft (as applicable) Eligibility                     – Individual, Professional or Self employed or Businessmen having deposit accounts with Bank. Amount Of Loan         – At the discretion of… Read More »

The awesome power of compounding!

You will notice that the more you delay, the more you need to invest, hence it makes sense to consistently set aside about 10% of your monthly income for your retirement fund. This will mean your savings will increase correspondingly with your income, enabling you to grow your funds exponentially.

Budget wishlist of Auto, Telecom, IT and more!

Telecom is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. India has the second largest telecom user base in the world. However, the companies are recently witnessing intense competition leading to a price war. The increasing proliferation of dual SIM cards in the market is also leading to subscribers shifting their operators from time to… Read More »

Wishlist and budget rants of a youngster!

“Now the definitive list must of course be produced by the ‘High Commission’ of our party/association but I have a few suggestions of my own. All students, irrespective of caste, creed or religion must be provided with free laptops. I mean, didn’t somebody somewhere provide free colour TVs to everyone? Our request, then, is definitely… Read More »

Budget 2010-11 – The Indian citizen wish list gallery

The most consistent tax payers in India are the salaried class as their salaries are subject to TDS. Last year’s budget gave only a marginal relief to the salaried class with just a Rs.10,000 hike in the limit for taxable income. Since last year the salaried are pushing for a significant jump in the taxable… Read More »